VET Schools and Colleges in Austria

This website contains a database in order to find vocational schools and colleges in upper secondary education in Austria - but sorry it's only in German. It is provided by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research, DG for General and Vocational Education.

In Austria schools and colleges - in VET upper secondary education - provide technical and/or vocational training from the ninth school year, in addition to a broad general education. VET schools and higher colleges comprise:

  • Part-time vocational schools and prevocational schools
  • Schools and colleges of engineering, arts and crafts
  • Schools and colleges of business administration
  • Schools and colleges of management and services industries
  • Schools and colleges of tourism
  • Schools and colleges of fashion
  • Colleges of art and design
  • Colleges of product management and presentation
  • Schools of social occupations
  • Colleges of agriculture and forestry
  • Federal school of forestry
  • Federal sport academies
  • Teacher training colleges for early childhood education
  • Colleges of social pedagogy

including special courses and pilot projects. Many of them are provided for employed people.

Schools of vocational education (ISCED 3)

  • 3-year course or 4-year course
  • the final exam is the Abschlussprüfung that enables to professional qualifications
  • some schools offer one-year and two-year courses (from ninth school year)
  • [Fachschule, Handelsschule]

Colleges of higher vocational education (ISCED 5)

  • five year course;
  • the final exam is the Reife- und Diplomprüfung (Reifeprüfung and VET Diploma) that opens up access to tertiary education and also to regulated professional activities.
  • 4th to 5th grade of this programme as well as the educational achievement are ISCED 550 - short-cycle tertiary education
  • [Höherere Lehranstalt; Bildungsanstalt, Handelsakademie]

Other VET school types

  • Post-secondary Courses (ISCED 550), 4 - 6 semester; [Kolleg]
  • Add-on Courses (ISCED 550), 6 semester;  [Aufbaulehrgang]
  • Foreperson and Master Craftsperson Courses (ISCED 550), 4 - 6 semester; [Werkmeisterschule, Meisterschule]

System of marks (grades) 1 = very good (best mark) 2 = well done 3 = satisfactory 4 = sufficient 5 = not sufficient (negative mark)

Duration of a school year: from September to June, in general 40 weeks of lessons per week: from 32 to 37 of a lesson: 45 min. or 50 min.